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    What to use for torn leather?
    We have a couple of small tears in our leather furniture. I have seen some kind of repair kit for this. Has anyone used this before or is there some other product that will help. Thank You.

    • ANSWER:
      Although there are many repairs to leather that can be successfully done yourself this is one that we would not recommend you tackle and you should definitely cal in a technician.

      Using backing tapes/fabrics for tears in leather is quite a tricky operation and takes lots of practice (teaching technicians to do this shows us how difficult they find it). If the repair is not successful and glue has been used it is often not possible to rectify the damage without making things much worse.

      Also if the tears are on high wear areas there is less chance of a successful repair due to the stress that the area receives

    How do I temporarily repair tears in leather furniture.?
    I have a tear caused by a pen and a scratch from a cat that has grown into a tear. I can't afford to reupholster right now, but I don't want the tears to get any bigger. In lieu of putting duct tape over the holes so they don't expand, is there a more aesthetically pleasing solution?

    • ANSWER:
      Consider the 'liquid leather' repair kit (NOT the one seen on TV, but rather a brand you know like Simoniz.) WARNING: The process of patching a leather tear takes PATIENCE, so follow the directions on the kit thoroughly and closely. Good luck!

    How do I get sellotape off my leather sofa without marking it?
    Someone suggested putting sellotape on my furniture to stop the cats scratching it. It's worked but when I've come to take it off the tape is taking the colour off the settee, leaving worse marks that the cats did!! Any idea of how to get the tape off without marking the leather?
    It's been on for a couple of months now, i've tried taking some off but it's leaving marks so i've put it back on!
    Is there a way to take it off gently?

    • ANSWER:
      Unfortunately whoever told you to put sellotape on a leather sofa did not understand the damage that this would do. Most leather has a pigment (painted) surface and pulling sellotape off it will remove the top layer of pigment. There is probably no way of taking it off without this happening especially after this length of time.

      The best thing to do is to leave it to a leather specialist who will be able to remove it and then rectify the damage that it has done by recolouring and refinishing the surface. This is not something that should be done with DIY kits as these will not work and getting the right colour will be almost impossible for you to do yourself.

      If you are in the UK and need someone to look at this you can find a technician here

      Hope this helps

    How do I find yr, make, style & value of a piece of furniture purchased at a thrift shop?
    There is a piece of tape on the bottom that reads: 5# 170 ord# 6894 / May D & F. It is a very unique design and in excellent condition. It is wood with a gold colored leather seat. The back support is the shape of a half circle curving around to make the arm supports connecting to the front legs. The back legs are side by side about 2 inches apart in the center of the back of the chair. It doesn't appear as if any refinishing or repairs have been done to it. Everything on it appears to be original. Any ideas on how to find its value?

    • ANSWER:
      Go to your local antique store or an appraiser. They have methods of finding out where an item was made, how old it is, etc. often with their services for free. Hope this helps.

    How do you get superglue and gorilla glue off of furniture?
    Basically I was doing some home "repairing" and used to get some unstitched seems together on couch gorilla glue and super glue.
    it worked but its sticky now. what can i use to get it off? Goop off? rubbing alcohol?
    It is 100% leather couch

    dont judge lol

    • ANSWER:
      You could try rubbing alcohol. Almost anything runs the risk of ruining the finish on the leather.
      Neither superglue nor gorilla glue should be "sticky". I can't think of anything that would make sg sticky. For GG, alcohols (rubbing or methanol, etc.) will make it permanently sticky, which is good if you want to remove it, bad if you want it to dry. (After it is fully dried, alcohols will not affect it).
      You could try water with the SG. It will also be sensitive to things like acetone or MEK which are available at hardware stores, but which also will probably ruin the finish (color, gloss) of the leather.
      Once GG has dried, nothing will do a very good job of removing it without destroying the finish. Sure you could try nail polish remover, paint stripper, or goof off. Be sure to test it on leather which will not be visible, to make sure it doesn't damage it. My suggestion is that if you don't want to have glues stay where you put them (intentionally or unintentionally) permanently, that you don't use a permanent glue. What were you thinking? Have you ever heard of masking tape?

    Men, do you take care of yourselves?
    I am not talking spray tans and pedicures, but do you make sure you are well groomed, eg your fingernails, toenails are cut and not dirty? I met this single guy - he has a job, and a lot of time on his hands - and his nails are just completely gross.
    I am talking long fingernails, not cut, broken off. I shouldn't have to remind a grown man that he needs to cut his nails.

    • ANSWER:
      I shower, floss, brush my teeth, use mouth wash, and use deodorant every day. I also keep my fingernails and toenails clipped and clean. Maybe not as fanatical as a girl. That doesn't mean that there aren't times I don't get sweaty or dirty, but I do not like being dirty and feeling sticky or yuckie for very long. Been that way all my life. So not ALL men are slobs.

      Of course I had a mother that didn't do everything for me either. I learned to cook (no microwaves in my day), wash my clothes (by hand and/or machine), wash dishes, pots and pans (by hand and/or machine), iron my clothes including starching, mending clothes (needle and thread), using a sewing machine (though don't ask me to make clothes), scrub toilets, bathtubs, sinks, and floors, polish furniture, wax floors, clean carpets, clean the kitchen, put away the dishes, use a can opener, use a measuring spoon, and follow a recipe to name a few things my mother taught me. Yeah, I complained, but now as an adult my wife sure enjoys it when I see she's tired and/or overwhelmed and I just join in and help her. That doesn't mean I love it all, but at least I know how to do it and can be more useful around the house than a couch potato.

      I also know how to fix cars, change tires, change light bulbs, hang doors, fix locks, patch walls, repair toilets, sinks, showers, and bathtubs, put in tile, hang sheetrock and tape, paint, do electrical work, repair lamps, rough and finish carpentry, run electrical wire and hookup to the main panel, fix appliances, fix computers, fix lawnmowers, mow the lawn, plant trees, landscape, put a new roof on, pour and work concrete, mend fences, keep the hot tub in usable and good shape, and fix the sprinkler system to name a few.

      I also as a hobby have my ham radio license, make jewelry (my wife, daughter and D-I-L love that), leather-work, astronomy and beekeeping to name a few.

      And I still feel like I'm always trying to keep up with my wife. She is one fantastic woman.

    Repair furniture damage from cat?
    My boyfriend and I bought some nice leather furniture last year. We bought it before we adopted our cat from the SPCA. When we adopted her, I bought some slip-covers for the furniture. The other day I pulled the slip-covers off and was horrified to find many, many scratches on the arm rests and the seat cushions. Some of them are very deep. I trim her front claws, but I didn't think about the back ones when she pushes off the furniture. Does anyone know of a way to repair the damage that has been done so far. From now on I will be putting a bath towel under the slip cover to add extra protection, but I would like to fix what has been done so far.

    • ANSWER:
      Pet stores sell a thick tape for when cats scratch on couches.It protects the furniture.

      You might be able to go to a repair shop to have your couches fixed.

    Faulty furniture!!!?
    HELP!!! I paid over £1000 for a leather 2+3 suite in april 2006 from cousins furniture store. Within months the 2 setter seats fell through which were repaired below acceptable standards? Duck tape was used to secure seat padding in place, then a further 5 months later from date of purchase the arm (main support) on the 3 setter suite has come away and the suite now sets on the floor with "chip board" and the suites internal construction on show? To add insult to injury the 2 setter has since broken again. We had the suite 7 months in total when all these faults occured and cousins now say that they can only carry out repairs to the suite under the consumer sales act, a full refund has been denied. We have had letters flying back and forth over past few months between them and us and we just keep hitting walls and the suite has gotton worse to the point we can no longer sit on it without falling through or it falling apart. What can we do?

    • ANSWER:
      The best thing to do in a situation like this is to contact the AMU (Association of Master Upholsterers). They will act as an arbitration service and have very good results in cases like this.

      Call Mike Spencer on 029 2077 8918 who will advise you on the best course of action.

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