Dining Room Furniture Stores In New Jersey

We live in a tech savvy age where very little is done offline anymore. The Internet has connected us to the rest of the world and made it easier to take care of all our shopping needs. With so many online retailers literally offering us anything and everything we could possibly want, it's not difficult to understand why so many of us prefer to shop online. Many of us already shop for clothing online, so it makes sense that we would want to indulge in shopping adventures for the rest of our home. Purchasing home furniture can be a breeze when you opt to do so online. The most obvious reason is convenience. We all live busy lives and trekking to a store is not always easy. It requires a mode of transportation, potentially gas money if you drive, and a wealth of other people in the store to deal with. If you only have time on the weekend, it might be awhile before a sales associate can even help you. The beauty of the online retailer is that they are there 24/7. If you can only find time at 2 am, there's nothing to worry about!Online furniture retailers also offer an enormous selection. From dining room furniture to curio cabinets, you can find just about anything to furnish your home with. A physical store may be limited to only a set number of style options because they're probably paying for a much smaller warehouse. Not only do they have the cost of the warehouse, they have to pay for the store itself and its employees. But an online retailer doesn't have a store to worry about and the number of employees is significantly smaller. So they can actually afford to own larger or several more warehouses full of a great selection. This also contributes to the reason for lower prices. Often times online retailers can offer better discounts on the same or similar furniture you would find at a store. Whether you're buying a small DVD storage cabinet or an entire patio furniture set, you never have to worry about playing Tetris with the trunk of your car. Nor do you have to worry about renting a larger van. Delivery can be quickly set up when it's most convenient for you. And naturally you can leave the heavy lifting to the deliverymen. Your back will appreciate it. But if the cost of shipping worries you, remember that many retailers will offer free shipping on orders over a certain amount. So if you're ordering an entire bedroom set, the chances of paying delivery are slim.With more competitive prices and ultimate convenience, buying furniture online makes sense. You can still find quality brands and a large selection, all with the click of a mouse.

dining room furniture stores in new jersey

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  1. What are some fun but inexpensive things to do in the New York/New Jersey area?
    I’ll have a car available and can go to Conn and Long Island as well.

    • I spent four years in school on Long Island, and can’t think of any reason anyone would want to go there LOL Actually, if you are into a bit of history, try Teddy Roosevelt’s home in Oyster Bay. Incredibly crowded with furniture by modern standards, but quite interesting. A tour of Oheka Castle in Cold Spring Hills might be worth the side trip also. And there is the Vanderbilt Museum and Planetarium. All three are north shore, so they won’t make you lose time driving all over the map.
      In Queens, downtown Flushing has the Bowne House, which was a stop on the Underground Railroad. Nearby there are many good restaurants, mostly of Asian nations. And Flushing Meadow Park, with a zoo, a wonderful aviary where you walk at tree top level to see the birds, and NYC’s only science museum, the Flushing Hall of Science.
      In Brooklyn, the Aquarium, which is next to Coney Island.
      In the Bronx, the Zoo and the Botanical Gardens.
      On Staten Island Richmondtown Restoration (free admission), a restored colonial village; and Marchais Tibetan Museum (only Tibetan Museum in the USA). It was even visited by the Dalai Lama on one of his trips to the USA.
      Lower Manhattan (park the car somewhere else!): World Trade Center site; Ellis Island/Statue of Liberty boat (one price, get off and explore each, take a later boat onward–start early as LONG lines form); Chase Bank Money Museum for the one hundred quadrillion pengo note (largest denomination ever printed–worth about 25 cents) and the “coins” used to buy a bride on Yap; Chinatown (eat in Wo Hop on Mott Street, downstairs dining room); stock exchange.
      Midtown: the United Nations, Empire State Building; theater district; Rockefeller Center/Radio City Music Hall; FAO Schwartz (toy store and ice cream parlor)
      Uptown: Museum of Natural History/Rose Space Center; Metropolitan Museum of Art; Frick or Guggenheim; The Cloisters (most beautiful spot in NYC). If you get as far as the Cloisters, go on the the Dyckman House, on Broadway near 204 Street, with its Revolutionary War exhibits.

  2. Where can I find moderate price furniture in Jersey City, NJ or surrounding area?
    I am moving to a new apartment and I’m looking to furnish it. Does anyone know of furniture stores that sell nice quality furniture at reasonable prices? I’m looking for bedroom, living room, and dining room sets with an overall price of no more than $5,000. Thanks!

    • I would go to second hand shops or auctions. you can get some really nice quality pieces at some decent prices.

  3. Looking for a side table? Anyone good with Furniture shopping?
    Apperently side tables are not as popular these days…. I am looking for a very specific one- Dark red cherry in Queen Anne style. I have been looking around but the only one I could find was at JCP and it’s kinda cheapy for $550 plus another $180.00 and tax to ship it. I have tried a couple of funiture stores, ebay and craigs list. Anyone have anyone other ideas that won’t cost a fortune? I am aiming for $300 area.

    We got a used dining room table and a left over china cabinet from Strawbridges closing so I just need the 3rd piece!

    • “Coaster Co. of America” has so many side tables and the prices will make you smile! I don’t think any of their side tables or consoles will cost more than $350. Call the furniture stores and ask them if they can order furniture from “Coaster” The company has several fully stocked showrooms in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Fort Worth Texas, Dayton New Jersey, Atlanta, Miramar Florida, and Montreal QC. It’s very easy to shop their catalog and order from a multi-brand store, also. Good luck hunting!

  4. Where can you get a quality dining room set in the South?
    Jersey/PA area without spending a fortune. Thanks.